London's School of English


Englishouse is an English language school in London that uses the Callan method. It teaches students using the Callan Method with which students learn English in 1/4 of the time. Englishouse students come from many different countries to learn English with us. All our teachers are native English speakers and are qualified as teachers of English.

With the Callan Method you learn English in 1/4 of the Time!

7 Reasons to Choose Englishouse: Your London School of English

Learning a new language in any situation can be extremely challenging, and when you have a language as tricky to learn as English those challenges become even more pronounced. When you have to learn English on the fly while organising your new life whether as a new student, immigrant, or for business purposes. Englishouse should be your London School of English choice because of their proven track record of success.

A Bit of Background Teaching English since for over 20 years now (we began in 1997), the Englishouse School of English started as a small business with just a couple rooms but as the Callan Method proved its worth again and again, the demand for services went up causing the business to expand and spread out in order to serve the community even more.

There are many courses available and a variety of ways to pay very reasonable fees to make the English learning classes as widely accessible as possible.

Featuring the Callan Method There are students who learn better through rapid fire exchanges, some from visual aids, and some from verbal instruction. The Callan Method not only takes from all of these methods in a way that engages the mind, but it is specifically designed by focusing on structure. By structuring class in a particular way, students learn faster and retain more - giving them the foundation they need to learn more while also training their minds to absorb even more new language!

This is a 12-step program with the first hour jumping right in with rapid question and answer sessions, including immediate correction (including proper pronunciation) of wrong answers, students reading from the same book the questions came from, the writing of dictation from the teacher, and more questions to review the process. This is just the beginning but already has the brain engaged on multiple levels.

Given the Foundation to Learn More The main goal of the Callan Method is to make sure that students understand the most common 5,621 words of English by the time they are done with all 12 steps. People underestimate just how much of conversation revolves around that small group of words. Once students have mastered that list, they not only are prepared to take the F.C.E. (Cambridge First Certificate) exam but they will also have the basis they need to naturally understand enough of the language to learn more naturally through context clues and regular conversations in everyday life.

Go with the Proven Method Whether you want to learn basic tourist English, hit a new level to excel at University, or simply gain enough understanding to get the nuances of civilised society, a truly good London School of English will help you get on track to learning the ins and outs of English. The Englishouse uses the proven Callan Method so you will learn faster, and it will stick with you.

Why pay more, and study longer, for fewer results? When you want to get the most out of your language studies it is time to trust the professionals at Englishouse.