3 Top Reasons To Attend Wimbledon School Of English

Our Wimbledon School of English offers students a unique opportunity to learn a new language faster than they could anywhere else. If you or someone you know needs to learn English, then there is no better option. Let's take a look at the top three reasons why a student should attend our school.

1. Callan Accreditation

Only the top school in the country receive accreditation from the Callan Method Organization. This accreditation shows that the school provides a high-quality student experience that is held to the highest of standards. The Wimbledon School of English maintains their Callan accreditation on an ongoing basis to ensure students that they are receiving the best possible education.

To maintain the accreditation, our school is reviewed on an annual basis. Our teachers must have received training regarding the correct use of the Callan Method before accreditation is received. As for the Callan Method itself, it is a widely respected teaching method that makes it possible for students to learn English quickly and efficiently. It is used in dozens of schools across the globe to benefit teachers as well as students.

2. A Fast Education

Because we use the Callan Method and all of our teachers are trained specifically for this technique, we are able to help our students learn English faster than any other school or method. We guarantee that students at the Wimbledon School of English will learn English at least four times faster than they would if using any other teaching technique.

Each class follows a very similar structure. Each class is two hours and begins with the teacher asking “quick-fire” questions of the students. Each answer is provided in English and corrections are made by the teacher regarding pronunciation and accent. From there, students move to a period of book work, followed by a dictation, and then a second question and answer period. After this period has ended, the second hour with a unique curriculum begins.

3. Free Trial

We don't expect you to take our word that we are the best. You can see for yourself completely free of charge. We offer two free trial lessons to all interested students. Trials are available during the week at any time during school hours. We are confident that after attending these trials you will see just how effective our teaching method really is. And if you don't like the experience, then you are under no obligation to continue. Contact our staff via www.EnglishHouse.Co.Uk to schedule an appointment today.

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