Why Englishouse Is The London School of English Of Choice

When it comes to finding the London School of English, you want to make sure you're enjoying the best school, the best tutelage, the best testing around. Finding a school that uses the Callan Method is just one step since the Callan Method is generally seen as the best (and most effective) overall method for effectively teaching English as a second language. You want reliable teachers who have experience teaching and know how to make the lessons hit home.

In short, when it comes to learning English quickly and effectively, you want the London School of English that is offered by Englishouse to get the most out of every paid Pound!

How Does The Callan Method Work? The Callan Method is generally accepted as being one of the best ways to teach English as a second language. This is a scientifically developed and tested style of teaching that uses conversation, speaking, reading, and a carefully structured class shifting from quick fire questions and challenges to a slower and more in-depth study - causing the brain to fire up and put itself in an open state to receive as much information as possible.

Many studies have seemed to confirm that an expertly led course using the Callan Method is up to 4x more effective than other forms.

Customized Courses & Test Work One of the major benefits of the Englishouse School Of English in London is the ability to customize your study and course work. You have the ability to choose how many courses you take, how many hours a day you go in and study English, and the choice between three shifts to work it into your schedule in a way that will work.

The courses taught at the Englishouse The London School of English Of Choice are taught by professionals with plenty of ESL experience. They are thoroughly versed in the Callan Method and that means the absolute best when it comes to teachers who understand how to quickly and effectively teach English.

What Are You Waiting For? Why wait another day or trust an inferior testing service? When you need to take an English proficiency test, or study up for one, it's time to check out the Englishouse School Of English at www.englishouse.co.uk to see what type of program is going to fit your specific needs and prepare you for anything that's ahead. Don't wait another moment but contact them today to set up your test!

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